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What rotary die cutting production line consists of

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Rotary Die Cutting Machine price is different
by different configuration:

1.Cutting Width for the machine. The regular
width is 250mm, and other width can be customized.

2.Consists of numbers of cameras
3.numbers of tension sensors
4.If any training or commisioning required
5.Models from 4 cutter to 16 cutters.

6. In other way,we have Optional configuration of Correction
System, Dual OS,Asynchronous Operation system fees and CCD Optional
configuration for choices.

Before our quotation, it would be great help to
advice below:

1. What
is the cutting material and material thickness

 2.How many layers you used for it?

Specifications of the finished products/ labels, including dimension and

3.M aterials cutted after

4. Picture for the
finished products or Artwork?

5. What is the
productivity you usually need for the machine?

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