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Stickers trademark cutting machine application

Time:2018-01-06 Views:291
Stickers trademark cutting machine application areas:
   Mainly used in all kinds of special trademark cutting, such as various types of standard beer, food and beverage labels forming a die-cutting, and cutting the size of playing cards, tags, envelopes, aluminum bags can be widely used, greeting cards, face face covered, laptops, credit cards, booklets, as well as children‘s books of all kinds of special shape cards and books.
   Stickers trademark cutting machine features:
   Under pressure in order to flatten the high-precision die-cutting, dragging materials and slice computer-controlled printing standard on both sides and the vertical by three photoelectric eyes track the precise positioning, die cutting, laminating, collection of waste, slice or volume of automatic labeling machine tube once completed. Very suitable for die cutting paper sticker trademarks, Dacron film trademark and laser anti-counterfeit trademark. Machine flexo presses, continuous screen printing machine, gravure printing machine, and security trademarks of molding machine equipment is the best high efficiency of the various label printing.
   Due to the extensive application of the adhesive trademark cutting machine, the use of large, thereby stimulating the market development of the self-adhesive trademark cutting machine.
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